Knights Chronicle – Fairy Tail limited-time event begins for mobile RPG

Netmarble today unveiled that characters from the Fairy Tail animated series are coming to the mobile role-playing game Knights Chronicle. Five characters from Fairy Tail will appear in Knights Chronicle: The main characters Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Wendy Marvell. Also, the Erza Scarlet Advent Dungeon will reward players with four-star SSR Erza Scarlet upon completion, and players can enjoy the Erza Scarlet Advent Dungeons with half the stamina during the event. The update features a new Story Region, Tybalt the Capital, with 10 new stages for each difficulty level (easy/normal/hard).

Players can also play through the new storyline of the Fairy Tail characters. In celebration of the Fairy Tail collaboration licensed by KODANSHA, Knights Chronicle will give out 4-star Wendy Marvell to all players who check-in and even more rewards will be available through a 7-day check-in event. The Fairy Tail collaboration has started right now, and will continue until March 19, so players should act quickly to get in on the action in Knights Chronicle!