Guardians of Fantasy Tale of Lost City English Version

Do you remember that Tree of Savior Online clone from China awhile back? Apparently, there is an English version of the game that I didn't know about! For some reason, they keep changing or renaming the game. I'm probably going to skip out on trying this version since I already tested the Korean version that came out for like a month and died right away due to issues. The Korean publishers totally went out of their way and did some crazy advertising for the game too.

What happened to the Korean version? Storytime! Hmmm, probably not really legit, but a friend of mine told me that the Chinese developers said that the game is "good to go" and there will be no copyright issues so NextMove ended up publishing the Korean version. As it turns out, it wasn't okay and then bam copyright Korean drama style! Anyway, after all that emo, there were some issues about the Chinese devs asking for more money from publishers for more updates and or changes. In the end, the Korean publisher said NOPE and terminated the game, GG.

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