Chronicles Of Eidola (Review)

Chronicles Of Eidola is a turn-based browser fantasy RPG in which players assemble a team of heroes to vanquish evil monsters from the land. Contract devils, angels, and servants to defeat treacherous bosses, and team up with other players to challenge quests.

Chronicles of Eidola is a turn-based RPG set in a fantastical universe, where players take on the role of an avenger: a person tasked with contracting devils, angels, and servants to fight treacherous beasts. Use multiple characters, and choose your team's positioning, to tactically engage battles, using the best possible formation to tackle enemies and bosses. Team up with other players in team battles to take down ferocious foes, with the team leader dictating which player attacks which enemy. Take part in PvP battles and flex your might. Players that win earn a Medal of Honor which is exchanged in the store for lucrative items. If you don't take part in PvP or PvE, try your luck in PvF—dubbed "Play For Fun"—in which players take on a variety of mini-game challenges such as Rat Race.

Chronicles Of Eidola Key Features:
  • Turn-based - control a squad of minions, choosing their formation, and fight various monsters.
  • Team fights - join up with other players to take down enemies together.
  • PvP - test your might against other players in the arena; earn a Medal of Honor to exchange for items in the shop.
  • PvF - "Play for Fun:" take part in a variety of mini-games such as Rat Race.
  • 3D Graphics - an independent engine renders fully 3D graphics that should work on any browser.

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