Appirits introduced new cards, Story mode and other updates for Shikihime Garden


Appirits, the Japanese game developer and publisher has introduced new cards and brand new Story mode for their unique card-based & simulation game Shikihime Garden since May 13th 2014.

Released this March, Shikihime Garden has started to draw much attention from players who are interested in Chibi-style web games from Japan. The game may be seen as a RPG Farmville edition made by Japanese combined with traditional card combat gameplay. The game requires players to battle against numerous enemies to collect new cards (called Shikihime, i.e. magic princess) and items which later can be used as decorations in their small but cute gardens.

Till now Appirits has been implementing many features to bring fresh content to their players. For this occasion, Appirits has added some notable updates as below.

※ New Shikihime race: After releasing all Shikihime of 6 initial races, Appirits introduced a brand new race named Foreign Rare that is an elite group of Shikihime cards obtained via Gold Summon. There are a few summon types in Shikihime Garden, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Foreign so far to give players more ways of having Shikihime cards.

For the time being, 5 Shikihime have been added to this race, including [Sakahime - the cat archer], [Ikusahime - god of battle], [Yamihime - ruler of the underworld], [Ririmuhime - the rebellious angel], and [Barahime - the powerful vampire].
Appirits promised that there certainly will be more joining the Foreign Rare roster in the upcoming days. For the complete list of all Shikihime, interested players can read it at this link.

※ Unique Story for specific Shikihime: By giving a certain garden item to specific Shikihime, players can unlock their hidden stories. These items can be obtained via story-related quests. At first, only Basic Shikihime will have their stories added. The notable thing about Shikihime cards is that they are not only cards, but living cute Chibi characters in players' garden. Once obtaining 4 cards of the same Shikihime, players can unlock 4 actions of Shikihime, such as walking, eating, talking and playing!

※ New colors for Card attributes: Now each Card attribute (sword/axe, magic/recovery/sprite, bow/spear) has different color to differentiate cards during combat easily. Besides, a graph of rivalry of each attribute will now display at the top right during battle.
Like most Japanese tactic games, Shikihime Garden uses a rivalry system to balance strength and weakness of all Shikihime and monster cards. It works similar to the rock-paper-scissors relation. Keep it in mind will help player win battles more easily.

※ Send Gift function: Now players can send gifts to their friends in Shikihime Garden at the [Gift] tab in [Shop]. At first, the "Send Gift" feature is only available for Power-priced items, i.e. Gold Ticket for now. Gold Ticket is a special item used to obtain powerful Shikihime via God Summon that normally cost players 500 Power.

※ Guild Effects: Joining a guild in Shikihime Garden will give players more benefits than before. By raising Guild Rank and Guild Effect Level, players can enjoy a significant boost of Attack, Defense, Agility, Item Drop rate, and EXP when battling against Underworld Bosses and in subjugation battles on the world map.

Moreover, Appirits is holding a special event only for new players who register for Shikihime Garden from May 13th to May 20th.

※ Gifts to new players
All new players joining Shikihime since May 13th 00:00 PDT will be given a valuable set to start their adventure. The gift set includes [set of Element Brush x1, AP Recovery Pill x5, Bottle of God Wine x5, Brush of Training x5].

- Element Brush: used to increase Atk/Def/Agi/HP/Rec of Shikihime
- AP Pill: used to restore Action Point
- Bottle of God Wine: used to restore HP of all Shikihime
- Brush of Training: used to gain EXP for card

Besides, if new players can reach Player Level 6 during the event will be rewarded 1 Gold Ticket at the regular maintenance next week May 20th.

With a solid community expanding gradually and more updates promised to come in the upcoming days, Shikihime Garden is showing its potential in attracting players who enjoy a brand new mix of card-based elements and Farmville-styled games. Shikihime Garden is available for Free-to-Play on most popular browsers nowadays at

Key features:

  • Lovely Shikihime staying, playing, eating and… sleeping in the garden for real
  • Abundant of beautiful items to decorate the garden
  • A variety of collectible charming Shikihime and hideous monster cards built with well balance for building decks
  • Unique combination modes to craft more powerful and rare cards
  • Extremely difficult boss battles for encouraging team cooperation
  • Multi-level quests suited for all players to get valuable loots and reach new battlefields
  • No booster packs! Obtain powerful cards through time, patience, and luck!
  • Free-to-play, no downloaded needed!


About Appirits:
Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a corporation specialized in developing Internet systems and services. Appirits has participated in the web game market since 2010 and is creating many new games with nearly 11 years of experience in the web industry.

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