Shikihime Garden (Review)


Shikihime Garden is the Anime version of FarmVille except players are invited to beautify a large garden and see to the training of Shikihime.

Shikihime Garden is a Free-To-Play Online Game developed by Appirits. Players will need to train their Shikihime in order to complete quest and buy decorations for the garden

General Gameplay

The main goal of this game is to train your Shikihime and help them evolve to stronger form while the Shikihime will in turn help you to get more decorations for your garden in the same time. Players can set up to 10 Shikihime into the Battle Team and send the team to the Quest zone.

Quest and Battles

The Quest tasks are easy to accomplish most of the time. Normal Quest includes going to a specific location and defeat the Boss in that area. Once battle starts, the Battle Team will be locked so players cannot change team after they start a match.

The Battle is actually an automated Turn-Based battle where the unit with the best Agility score will attack before everyone else and the next unit with the 2nd best Agility score will take his turn. This will continue until one party succumbs to the injuries. The maximum size of the active party is only 5 Shikihime.

If your Battle team is greater than 5 Shikihime, then the other 5 Shikihime will be placed as backup. The Battle will break after all units in the battlefield had taken one turn. During the break, players can swap out injured or dead Shikihime so that players can preserve the offensive capability of the Battle Team.

You can put monsters or Shikihime into your Battle Team. However, when a monster dies in battle, the card will be destroyed. Shikihime cards will remain even after they die in battle.

Leveling System and Unity System

There are several ways for Shikihime to gain a new level. The standard method is to train the Shikihime you want by allocating them into the Battle Team and gain experience by defeating monsters. The second method is to combine a Shikihime with any other monsters card. The amount of experience obtained is dependant on the type of monster. The third method is to send the Shikihime out of your garden so that she can absorb experience by travelling to unknown places. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to send one Shikihime out at one time and it takes many hours to gain some amount of experience point.

Regardless, the Shikihime MUST combine with another monster card in order to unlock the next level. Shikihime cannot gain level by defeating monsters. The Experience point will remain at 1 point less than the required amount to gain a new level.

Evolution Path – Shikihime Garden

The Unity System on the other hand allows players to evolve basic Shikihime into uncommon or even rare Shikihime.

Gardens, Shops and Healing

Yes, players will also be getting useful items for the Garden when they complete quest. Sample items includes Rice ball, Bronze Tickets and even Medicine. Every shops or platforms that player puts into the garden will start producing the goods as indicated by the shop.

The most important feature players need to note is that eating Salt Rice Balls is the best way to restore lost Hit Points for Shikihime. All shops and platforms will produce one unit of item at their respective time. Players do not need to collect the items as soon as they are produced as the shops will merely store it for collection by player at a later time.

If you are curious, you can visit other player’s garden too. An interesting feature is to see your Shikihime interacts with the objects in the garden. Sometimes, the Shikihime will start to chat with each other too.

PvP and Guild

Shikihime Garden also allows for PvP between players. PvP will be available once players unlock the Training mode. Besides the Battle Team, players will need to set a Training team. These cards will be used when either you challenged another player or you are challenged by another player.

Shikihime Garden also have the Guild system. From the website, it seems that there will be Guild events in the near future.

The amount of details is really high that you can easily recreate most of the costume for cosplay purpose. If you enjoy beautiful anime arts and collecting items to create a beautiful garden while watching your Shikihime play in your garden, then you should give this cute anime inspired game a try.

How to start game?: Visit Official Website, signup and play!
Official Website: Shikihime Garden Official Website

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