God of Axion (Review)

God of Axion is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that is currently in beta phase. While it begins to feel stale with the used-up settings like medieval ages or ancient Greece or Rome or world wars, God of Axion will take players in an anime-styled stylish universe in the sky before the world was formed.

To gather resources are fundamental, and to laboriously produce and harvest is certainly not the only possible way. PvP plays a big role in the gameplay, and it doesn’t take long before players can or have to put their tactics in test. And PvP also makes it a must for players to form alliance or join exclusive clubs if they want to survive and thrive in the epic wars.

The game provides a wide range of structures, units (normal infantry types and elemental ones) and researches. To add some tweaks to the normal setups, it adds an extensive Blessings system that allows players to cast all kinds of spells on themselves or others in buildings, resource yield or troops. Blessings generate quite different effects, doing good for self or peril to others. Yet blessings are used at the cost of Faith, so over-use can also backfire. Besides, there is also an interesting weather system to deepen the gameplay, and a rich achievement system in the pipeline which may offer more direction as players fight their way to the throne of the God of Axion.

Source: mmohunter

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