Cyber Monster II Open Beta Goes Live

NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today announced that the public open beta for innovative fantasy MMORPG, Cyber Monster II - New World Awaits, a sequel to the popular Cyber Monster, is now live.

Currently being tested on the online games portal, Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Cyber Monster, when the return of ferocious dragons threatens the new found peace of the Nezor continent. With new gameplay mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, a plethora of new pets to collect, and vibrant new graphics that deliver an eye-popping experience, Cyber Monster II expands on everything players loved about the original Cyber Monster adventure.

Over 40,000 players signed up to Cyber Monster II's closed beta, and the servers enjoyed traffic of over 1,200 concurrent players at peak times. Players are praising the games deeper emphasis on collecting pets and new systems to use them; with hundreds of different species to find, train and put to battle.

In addition to launching the open beta, NGames has announced two major content updates for Cyber Monster II.

The Mist Land, a new world overrun with devils, brings a slew of new gameplay opportunities. As the chosen one, it is the player's mission to drive the devils out and save the land. The Mist Land is home to the kingdom of Tristram, an entirely new region to explore and liberate from the demons. Once liberated, players must guard the city with their pets to prevent future invasions – but they must be wary not to guard it with a weak pet, otherwise citizens may become disloyal and let the evil back in.

A brand new gem system has also being introduced, modifying the way players train and breed their pets. Data collected from the original Cyber Monster showed that pet breeding didn't go to plan, so this new system has been put in place to give the results players want. The new gem system gives players more control over how they enhance their pet skills, with tons of combinations available to suit any strategy and style.

Gems can be found in the Mist Land, and come in two varieties; Attribute Gem and Resistance Gem. Attribute Gems boost either attack, defense, HP or special attributes in pets, while Resistance Gems give pets more protection against certain species. Pets can hold up to 6 gems at a time, boosting strategic possibilities.

Cyber Monster II is an exciting new browser based MMO that gives players the opportunity to become the next heroic Dragon Slayer and raise an army of pets to defeat a fearful dragon invasion. To join the open beta fun, gamers can head over to the Cyber Monster II website and register now:

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