Fliplife (Review)

Pursue your dream job, meet the love of your life and become a star, all in the browser based game Fliplife. Fliplife is a free-to-play simulation browser game, with colorful graphics and endless fun. You decide which career path you will follow, what hobbies and sports you will pursue in your spare time, and just how you have fun! Not only can you create the life you've always wanted, but you can make a whole bunch of new friends from all over the world, to share your fun Fliplife with!

You start the browser based game by customizing your Fliplife avatar – you decide just how you look and what your new style will be, customizing everything from eyebrows to hairstyle, facial hair to funky clothing. The options for character customization are endless in the free-to-play browser game Fliplife!


At the beginning of the adventure we need to create a character. Before us a silhouette appears which can be modified. Game developers have prepared more than a dozen styles to choose from. Select one of them and go on - well it's time for the nose, mouth, face shape, eyebrows, eyes, ears and beard. As you can see we have a lot of options – it depends on us whether our hero will be looking like a hustla or a smart boy brought up without any worries. I’ve chosen the first option, although I do not know whether I succeeded. But…you’ve to go crazy from time to time!

Work, leisure time, shopping

OK, we customized the appearance of our character so lets introduce him to the game. We begin with a magic sum of $ 100. What next? It would be nice to find a job. As going through the job ads we notice right away that it takes time to become Mr. Manager. A washer, a hack writer, a test object, a nurse or maybe a pickpocket? The last would fit best, but to avoid boredom lets work a bit for the idea itself, by supporting research in the cosmic “NOSA” laboratory! Of course, we were promised a promotion right away – perhaps we’ll be the first to set foot on Mars. But first we have to show that we are creative, open and able to work in a team. The first task will be to check what happens after throwing Mentos into the Diet Coke. Incredible! Well, but we’ve to start somewhere. After this task, we get our first salary and experience points. We begin to understand how our hero will reach further levels.

After a hard day at work, it's time to relax. Maybe football? I think we have no choice at the moment, after all, we’ve just got to the second level. And what about sports in Fliplife? Our hero will develop his skills not only by working, but also by having free time, life is not just a duty you know! A match against an invited friend of yours is really something. But lets go back - bookmark 'leisure time’ offers us the banal mini-games that do not require from us more than a few clicks - I think they are just boring. After the first match we need to confirm the email that we’ve gave when registering. As a result, we can go shopping and finally change this hopeless t-shirt! And again, we decide which path will our character go. Choosing a Christmas sweater with reindeer certainly we won’t gain respect in the neighborhood. Hmm, the range is large but unfortunately we cannot afford anything yet ... Well, maybe I exaggerated, the gold chain, which already lies on the neck of my character, seems cheap.

Fliplife’s stores are like heaven. In addition to sweaters, shirts and other inventions, there are also shoes, drinks (adding energy points), or even real estates (tents, rural cottages, residences), because after all we have to live somewhere. In your free time you can go to the barber. The choice is enormous, and here again we see the creativity of the team working on this game (I mean not only the amount of accessories but also the terminology). In stores, of course, everything has its own value. Not every item can be bought right away, for some we will have to pay with the ordinary currency, but some need credits which are a bit harder to get.


Fliplife is based on guiding your character though life. The game is quite simple and does not require much commitment from us. Certainly white-collar workers who have enough of solitaire and have already achieved everything in Farmville will be pleased with this game. In Fliplife as in life we work, relax, do shopping, watch the game (play the mini games), go back home, back to the house (tent / house) and so over and over again. With time, we raise the level of our character. We reach higher levels, we get a better salary and the game gives more possibilities. Is it worth playing? I think it's a matter of taste. On these day I trust it. Feel free to play!

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