Travian (Review)

In the times of Romans and Gauls you have to prove yourself as a worthy chieftain in Travian. Extend your village and put attackers to flight at Travian.

About Travian

Build your own village.
Always look for sufficient resources.
Protect your people.
Establish an armee.
Over 60.000 players.

At the beginning of the game your realm consists of only one building, but soon you have to come to important decisions in the village. Different resources must be provided. Ensure a permanent supply of resources so your village can grow quickly.

But the wealth wakes desires, protect your resources in hideouts against scavengers or set up a defense. You can also proceed to attack and assault other villages.

But you need a powerful army, upgrade it by research. Join other players to support each other in case of attacks.

The browsergame Travian was one of the first on the market and is very succesful world-wide. With over 60.000 active players one is rarely alone in the game. Travian is available in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other regions of the world.

Lead your village on its way to a flourishing city and gain fame and honor as an able chieftain. Play the popular and successful browsergame Travian for free.

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