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What Ubisoft says about The Settlers Online

Build your own medieval kingdom now in The Settlers Online!
Expand your empire through exploration and trade and battle foes to secure its glory
No download required - play in your browser!
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What others say about The Settlers Online

The new trend of these browser games is great, there's no need to download multiple clients, check for driver updates, or any of that nonsense. Just open up your browser of choice (hopefully not IE) and play to your hearts content. The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) should be an exciting new addition to the MMORTS genre. - Pete Rowley+MMO Attack - Full review here.
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The Settlers Online is a well designed browser game best suited for friendly players that have time to spare at home or at work. It also benefits from a large fan base so their success is guarantied. But if you like some action I suggest that you should try other games.- Rhasmus@mmorpg-tactics - Full review here.
The Settlers Online 2 - F2P Web Gamez
It's a neat RTS, build and battle game, the server is fast and being part of such an established franchise will sure to attract a large and active crowd. It's a great game to one to open an account on and try out, however it is a little slow to develop after the tutorial stage when you hit your building limit. - MMOFan - Full review here.
The Settlers Online - F2P Web Gamez
The Settlers Online is a fairly standard casual F2P RTS with a pleasant art style, but the unreasonable time commitment and confusing interface makes it a directionless time sink for anyone but the most casual player. - Shawn@TheGamersHub - Full review here.
The Settlers Online 4 - F2P Web Gamez
All the lovers of the online rts will surely like this title and will play a lot of time inside the universe of The Settlers Online. - MMOReviews - Full review here.
The Settlers Online 5 - F2P Web Gamez
There’s so much potential - especially in something like this, a game that has been delivered so well - but the waiting is just too much. On the whole, this is a great little RTS and something I’d suggest to anybody looking to get into the genre. However, unless the interest is already there, you won’t get much to convince you to love them. - M. Growcott@DevilsMMO - Full review here.

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