About Free Web Game 360

Web Game 360 is a brand new online game portal covering free browser games, where you can find a lot of free games, that can be played directly in your browser. To be in a position to play these games you don’t have to install any software on your computer, you only need a modern browser.

The games presented on Web Game 360 offer you free fun, action and excitement, no matter what kind of game you choose. You have a great variety of free role playing, action, strategy games as economy simulation, car racing, soccer manager, construction games or outer space games. There should be enough diversity for all fans of browser games and free games.

You can play all free browser games in real time and against thousands of other players, which is much more fun than playing against a computer. You can just play online and compete with many other players to prove your sense of strategy and tactics. Web Game 360 is an online gaming portal covering news, preview & review of browser games from quality sources.

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